Simple tips to improve the quality of your photos:

1) In your setting, try to change to a 4:3 ratio (or 16:9 if 4:3 not available)

2) Don’t be too close from the boat or flooring*

3) Avoid “portrait” photos, it is easier for us to work with landscape photos

4) If you are outsite, it is usually better to have the sun behind you (more light on what you are shooting) However a photo with sunrise or sunshine in the background can also look really good 🙂.

5) Cloudy days are great to avoid shadows in your photos

6) Don’t worry if the photos look a bit too dark, it is actually easier for us to edit a photo too dark than too bright.

7) Better to not have people in the photo (unless they are happy to be on our website or social media posts)

9) Avoid unnecessary objects in the photos (remove tools and anything that make the photo look messy)

10) If possible: quick cleaning on the flooring to remove footprints, dust, etc…

11) Don’t hesitate to send us a few shoots taken during the production process and a photo of the boat (not only the flooring)

* Smartphone photos are around 5000px wide. On the website we optimise the photos to not be wider than 1500px to increase the page loading speed. it means that we can zoom and crop the photo to keep only 1/3 of the image without reducing quality.

Before and after shoots

When you have a nice project, it can look really cool to add a before / after slider to the project page

All you need is to take a overhead shot with a drone before flooring installation and another one after completion

Why marketing content is so important?

Showing our work to the world is very important as it help us close more sales.
But we can’t show anything without great photos of completed jobs…

Why don’t we ask a professional photographer to come onsite and take photos?

1. it would be very expensive

2. Smartphones are good enough to take a photo of boat flooring

3. It is better to take photos all along the process: before, during and after (boat on the water after job completed would also be awesome if possible)

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